About Us

Emerald Isle Property Management is a full service property management company. Our team includes a full time operations manager, lawn care and landscaping specialists, cleaners, and handyman services. We also retain contractors, plumbers, appliance technicians, and electricians to serve our clients. Having our own staff allows us to control the standard and quality of our work.


Our clients find peace of mind knowing that everything is looked after by one company.


Our business has expanded to include a Garden Centre as we use many of the products in our landscaping division. The Garden Centre also acts as operation central for our staff, supplies and equipment.

Paul MacKinnon and Stacey Wyand
Owners/Operators of Emerald Isle Property Management
We were pleased to be interviewed by The Employment Journey in March 2017. We discussed topics including how we entered the world of property management, a typical day running our business, the most important parts of our service, and opportunities for real estate investors in PEI.

The Manager is in The House – Employment Journey – March 2017

Paul and Stacey are great people and as a person who previously worked for them, I couldn’t ask for better bosses, friends or people. Keep up the great work guys!
Tyler P.